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UC San Diego Sports Medicine Fellowship Program People



Name Title Email
Ken Taylor Program Director
Suraj Achar Associate Program Director
Dave Bazzo Clinical Professor
Alan Shahtaji Assistant Program Director
Amy Leu Assistant Program Director
Sarah Merrill Assistant Clinical Professor
​Sam Galloway Assistant Clinical Professor ​

Current Fellows


griffin elbert

Griffin Elbert, D.O.

Residency: Community Memorial Health System
MS: Marian University COM
Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my wife, daughter, and two dogs. All things being active (Weightlifting, fitness, hiking, surfing). Reading (I love a good Stephen King novel). Working on cars (particularly doing repairs on my Jeep). Cooking and attempting to grow a garden

kenneth job

Kenneth Job, M.D.

Residency: Long Beach Memorial
MS: UC Davis
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy anything that involves food. Enjoy being active, going to live music, and sporting events. I’m a Netflix/HBO enthusiast and always looking to explore new things.

rebecca lach

Becca Lach, M.D.

Residency: Brown
MS: Thomas Jefferson University
Hobbies/Interests: Adventuring with my rescue dog (Gnocchi), swimming, biking, kayaking, hiking, and gardening.


Alec Wilhelmi, M.D.

Residency: University of Texas, Austin
MS: Medical College of Wisconsin
Hobbies/Interests: Hockey, football, basketball, baseball, golf, traveling, running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, weight-lifting, paddle-boarding, the Green Bay Packers, and spending time with wonderful my wife and our golden-doodle, Remi.

Recent Alumni



William Andrew, D.O.

Residency: UC San Diego
DO: Chicago College Osteopathic Medicine Midwestern 
Hobbies/Interests: Creative writing, poetry, reading (science fiction, fantasy), competitive Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit, dog enthusiast


Arthur "Davis" Daniel, M.D.

Residency: Navy Hospital, Pendleton
MD: Mercer University
Hobbies/Interests: Football, Baseball, Water Sports, Skydiving, Snow Skiing, Weight Training and Spending time with my wife and our two wonderful children

doscas michelle

Michelle Doscas, M.D.

Residency: UC San Diego
MD: Rush Medical School
Hobbies/Interests: USA Women's Soccer, travel, New York sports teams, trying new restaurants, running, playing any and all sports, the beach and making homemade pasta

rai navdeep

Nav Rai, M.D.

Combined UCSD/SDSM

Residency: Stanford- O'Connor
MD: Albany Medical College
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, football, soccer, golf, spikeball, cornhole, working out, hiking, being in nature, building things, board games, traveling, trying to bake and cook

tee alexandra

Lex Tee, M.D.

Residency: Kaiser San Jose
MD: Virginia commonwealth
Hobbies/Interests: Volleyball, basketball, travel, mixed media art, crossword puzzles, and training my dog Lando

Past Fellows




Type of Practice

Lee Ralph, M.D. 1991-1992 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Brad Buchman, M.D. 1992-1993 UC Berkeley Family / Sports Medicine
Susan Glochner, M.D. 1992-1993 San Diego, CA Pediatrics / Sports Medicine
Dave Bazzo, M.D. 1993-1994 UCSD Family / Sports Medicine
Lesley Milne, M.D. 1993-1994 Boston, MA ER / Sports Medicine
Greg Hoeksema, M.D. Jan 1994 - Dec 1994 (Navy)
Anthony Saglimbeni, M.D. 1994-1995 San Jose, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Gregory Skaggs, M.D. 1995-1996 Eugene, OR Family / Sports Medicine
Federico Vaca, M.D. 1995-1996 Yale University ER / Sports Medicine
Calvin Wong, M.D. 1996-1997 OASIS Medical Group Family / Sports Medicine
Ken Taylor, M.D 1997-1998 UCSD Family / Sports Medicine
Chris Kutoures, M.D. 1997-1998 Orange County Pediatrics / Sports Medicine
Brad Stiles, M.D. 1997-1998 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Mary Ann Fuchs, M.D. 1998-1999 San Diego, CA ER / Sports Medicine
Greg Nakamoto, M.D. 1999-2000 Seattle, WA Sports Medicine / Ortho
Michael Mikus, M.D. 1999-2000 Kaiser San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Kathleen Weber, M.D. 2000-2001 Rush Orthopedics, Chicago, IL Sports Medicine / Ortho
Suraj Achar, M.D. 2000-2001 UCSD Family / Sports Medicine
Ronald Cohen, M.D. 2001-2002 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Jerry Labson, M.D. 2001-2002 Fairfield, CA Sports Medicine / Ortho
Joseph Allen, M.D. 2002-2003 SHARP San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Kalli Hose. M.D. 2002-2003 VA Medical Center, San Diego Internal / Sports Medicine
Christopher Skaff, M.D. 2002-2003 Tahoe City, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Marjorie Delo, M.D. 2003-2004 Manitowoc, WI Sports Medicine / Ortho
Eric Skoblar, M.D. 2004-2005 UCSD Student Health Family / Sports Medicine
Julie Chuan, M.D. 2004-2005 Escondido, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Jennifer Puddy, M.D. 2005-2006 Calgary, Canada ER / Sports Medicine
Alex Espinoza, M.D. 2005-2006 San Marcos, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Jane Kim, D.O. 2006-2007 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Mary Michelle Winscott, M.D. 2006-2007 Mayo Clinic, AZ Family / Sports Medicine
Benedict Ciszek, M.D. 2007-2008 Mount Prospect, IL Family / Sports Medicine
Jonathan Chan, D.O. 2007-2008 Kaiser San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Amy Kakimoto, M.D. 2008-2009 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Susan Park, M.D. 2008-2009 Reno, NV Family / Sports Medicine
Tara Robbins, M.D. 2009-2010 Marion, IL Family / Sports Medicine
Amy Leu, D.O. 2009-2010 UCSD Family / Sports Medicine
Jason Spring, D.O. 2009-2010 Ramona, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Rebecca Gurney, M.D. 2010-2011 Woodbury, MN Family / Sports Medicine
Angela Voight, M.D. 2010-2011 Woodbury, MN Sports Medicine / Ortho
Nicholas Cardinale 2010-2011 NAVY
Miriam Reece, M.D. 2011-2012 Denver, CO Family / Sports Medicine
Julia Cassetta, M.D. 2011-2012 UCSD Internal / Sports Medicine
Darryl Bates, M.D. 2011-2012 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Paul Brydon, D.O. 2012-1013 Fallbrook, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Amy Guiliano, M.D. 2012-2013 UCSD Family / Sports Medicine
Ilona Barash, M.D. 2012-2013 UCSD ER / Sports Medicine
Emmanuel Elias, M.D. 2013-2014 Palo Alto, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Sarah Kennedy, D.O. 2013-2014 University of North Texas Sports Medicine
Seth Camhi, M.D. 2013-2014 San Diego, CA Sports Medicine
Ryan Carreon, M.D. 2014-2015 Kaiser San Diego Family / Sports Medicine
Sarah Merrill, M.D. 2014-2015 UCSD Family / Sports Medicine
Adrian Tabares, M.D. 2014-2015 Menlo Park, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Steele McIntyre, M.D. 2014-2015 Salt Lake City, UT Family / Sports Medicine
Amanda O’Steen M.D. 2015-2016 San Diego CA Family / Sports Medicine
Corey Carson M.D. 2015-2016 San Diego CA Family / Sports Medicine
David McClaskey M.D. 2015-2016 San Diego CA Family / Sports Medicine
Cambria Judd M.D. 2015-2016 San Diego CA Family / Sports Medicine
​Marcia Faustin, M.D. ​2016-2017 ​UC Davis ​Family / Sports Medicine
​Shawn Skarpnes, M.D. ​2016-2017 ​Sacramento, CA        ​Sports Medicine
​Emily Levy, M.D. ​2016-2017 ​Philadelphia, PA ​Family / Sports Medicine
​Dan Hendry, M.D. ​2016-2017 ​UC San Diego ​Family / Sports Medicine
Chau Bui, D.O.        2017-2018 Los Angeles, CA  Hospitalist Medicine
William Collins, D.O. 2017-2018 San Diego, CA Family / Sports Medicine
Uziel Sauceda, M.D.  2017-2018 UC Riverside  Family / Sports Medicine
Jarrod Yamanaka, M.D.  2017-2018 Minneapolis, MN Sports Medicine
​Jin "Brian" Choi, D.O. ​2018-2019 ​Newport Beach, CA ​Sports Medicine
​Sam Galloway. M.D. ​2018-2019 ​UC San Diego Family / Sports Medicine
​Amity Tung, M.D. ​2018-2019 ​Sharp Rees Steely, San Diego ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Nicholas Sgrignoli, M.D. ​2018-2019 ​HSS Connecticut ​Sports Medicine
​Soroosh Amanat, M.D. 2019-2020 ​Scripps Chula Vista ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Brandan Mayer-Blackwell, M.D. ​2019-2020 ​Kaiser San Diego ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Alex Bernadett, M.D. ​2019-2020 ​San Diego Sports Medicine ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Laura Murphy, D.O. ​2019-2020 ​Ventura, CA ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Tyler Adamson, D.O. ​2020-2021 ​San Diego Sports Medicine ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Austin Mandoyan, M.D. ​2020-2021 ​Family Health Centers, San Diego ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Laika Nur, M.D. ​2020-2021 ​Scripps Torrey Pines, San Diego ​Family/ Sports Medicine
​Eric Yuan, M.D. ​2020-2021 ​UCSD Community Health ​Family/ Sports Medicine