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Research Interests

We are interested in learning more about our faculty's research interests. Please complete this brief survey to provide your input. 

DFM Faculty Research Interests

Alan Shahtaji, DO

  • Primary research project: Sports concussion
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Sports Concussion, Healthspan Nutrition, Exercise as Medicine

Allison Lynch, MD

  • Key Words: Dermatology, Curriculum development

Alice I. Chen, DO

  • Primary research project: Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine patients after in acoustic neuroma resection Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in patients with cancer
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Osteopathic manipulative medicine for acutely ill hospitalized patients, OMM for traumatic brain injury, OMM for pain management

Amelia Eastman, DO

  • Primary research project: Lumbar intra-disc injections
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Back pain, Sciatica

Akbar Rahman, MD, PHD

  • Key Words: Health disparities, Effects of bias/prejudice on clinical care of vulnerable/marginalized populations, Primary care in global health, Intersection of clinical medicine with public health/population health

Amy Leu, DO

  • Primary research project: Epidemiology of COVID19 Returning student athletes
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Sports medicine, Injury prevention, Biomechanics

Bill Sieber, PhD

  • Primary research project: Improving integration of behavioral health in primary care
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Behavioral medicine, Mind-body interactions, Health behavior change

Caitlin MacMillen, DO

  • Key Words: Women's health, family planning, Primary care outcomes, Preventive medicine, Physician advocacy & advocacy education, Osteopathic medicine

Chad Osborne, MD

  • Key Words: Use of technology and electronic medical records in clinical care, Sleep medicine, Residency education

Chris Searles, MD

  • Primary research project: Effectiveness of leadership training in developing and maintaining a sense of safe and effective work culture
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Leadership, Psychological safety, Culture of trust

Christine Thorne, MD, PhD

  • Primary research project: Improved management of hypertension and hyperlipidemia.
  • Role: Contractor
  • Key Words: Cardiovascular disease, Chronic Disease management, Diabetes Population Health System based management and quality improvement Implementation science

Daniel Slater, MD

  • Key Words: Integrative, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mind-Body, Meditation, Exercise, Acupuncture, Allergies, Autoimmune, Longevity, Optimizing Health, Health Coaching, Herbal remedies, Supplements, Pain management without Prescription Medication

David E.J. Bazzo, MD

  • Primary research project: Physician assessment - screening of late career physicians, and evaluation of health issues that impact the safe practice of medicine
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Physician assessment, Late-career health screen of physicians health issues that impact physician safe practice Sports Medicine

Deepa Sannidhi, MD

  • Primary research project: Implementation and feasibility of an integrative weight loss program
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Integrative Health Obesity Nutrition Lifestyle Medicine Lifestyle Medicine Education Dissemination and implementation (not an expert in this area) Community based participatory research (co-mentoring a medical student through a D&I project)

Divya Reddy, MD

  • Primary research project: Communication with patients
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Physician-patient communication, Shared decision making

Dustin Lillie, MD

  • Primary research project: Medication Assisted Therapy in Primary Care
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Quality improvement, Medical education

Ellen Beck, MD

  • Primary research project: Impact of the food prescription/food insecurity program at Student Run Free Clinic
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Underserved Food insecurity, Health literacy, Empowerment models, Mental health interventions, Transforming Medical student education, Inner wisdom, Fear Management

Esmat Hatamy, MD

  • Key Words: Improvement of health care or education

Gary Buckholz, MD

  • Primary research project: ACGME back to bedside
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Education Communication

Gene A. Kallenberg, MD

  • Primary research project: Assessing patient concerns about returning to F2F care in our offices.
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: EMR, Patient preferences, COVID19, Patient surveys

Geneen T. Gin, DO

  • Primary research project: 1. Mid career transition in female physicians 2. POCT device for gonorrhea, chlamydia , trichmoniasis
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Women's health, Faculty development/ academic promotion, Application of emr/ technology in medicine/clinical practice

Hollis Heaton King, DO, PhD

  • Primary research project: Parkinson's disease
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Parkinson's Glaucoma Concussion/TBI Alzheimer's/Dementia

Holly Salzman, MD

  • Key Words: Women's health, Clinical practice, Diabetes management

Jennifer Wu, MD

  • Key Words: Women's health, Obstetrics, Breastfeeding headaches

Jesse Sozanski, MD

  • Primary research project: Use of CoQ10 in Gulf War Syndrome
  • Role: Medical Supervisor
  • Key Words: Integrative Medicine

Julie Celebi, MD

  • Key Words: Physician wellness, Family centered maternity care, LGBT healthcare/disparities, Inter-professional education/collaboration, Narrative medicine

Katrin Seifert, PsyD

  • Key Words: Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care, Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Management, Improving Behavioral Health treatments in primary care, Improving multidisciplinary consultation in primary care

Kenneth Taylor, MD

  • Primary research project: New injectable for Knee OA New Blood flow restriction technique for knee OA
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Sports Medicine, Sports Ultrasound

Kurt Lindeman, MD

  • Primary research project: PTSD screening and treatment in the Primary Care setting
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Screening and treatment of mental health in Primary Care

Laura Sudano, PhD, LMFT

  • Primary research project: Behavioral health provider and patient experience providing/receiving behavioral health care through telehealth
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Behavioral health, Integrated behavioral health, Patient experience, Behavioral health provider, Telehealth

Leslie D. Wilkinson, MD

  • Key Words: Scribe/Scribing Research Clinical Practice Administration/How to Improve Clinical Care Family Medicine/Primary Care

Melanie Fiorella, MD

  • Primary research project: Microbiome, Diet and IBS, Recruitment for breast cancer screening.
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Microbiome, Integrative medicine, Nutrition, GI health

Michelle Johnson, MD

  • Primary research project: Compassion and education Compassion and Free Clinics Telemedicine in a Free Clinic setting
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Underserved medicine, Free Clinic clinical outcomes

Natalie Rodriguez, MD

  • Primary research project: Medical Spanish Education (National Standardized Curriculum Study)
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Medical Spanish Education

Rebecca Rosen, MD

  • Primary research project: Patient-physician shared decision making.
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Patient centered Clinical Collaborative Initiative

Regina Wang, MD

  • Primary research project: diversity curriculum evaluation & department support human trafficking victim identification addiction medicine curriculum and physician perceptions
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Diversity/Anti-racism Human Trafficking Addiction Medicine Underserved Populations Resident Curriculum

Rina Edi, MD

  • Primary research project: Point of Care Testing for STIs
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Women's health

Samuel Galloway, MD

  • Key Words: Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, Point of Care, Ultrasound

Sarah Linke, PhD, MPH

  • Primary research project: Integrating exercise evaluation and prescription into primary care settings
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: exercise/physical activity health promotion behavioral medicine implementation science quality improvement projects

Sarah Merrill, MD

  • Primary research project: Substance use disorder, eating disorders, sideline injuries, firefighter injury rates
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Sports, Injuries, Yoga, Firefighters

Sheldon Morris, MD, MPH

  • Primary research project: HIV prevention
  • Role: Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: HIV prevention and treatment, Sexually transmitted infections, Vaginal health, Gender affirming health

Suraj Achar, MD, FAAFP

  • Primary research project: COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy
  • Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  • Key Words: Sports Medicine, Error prevention, Legal medicine, Prescribing, Technology

Terri Cheng, MD

  • Primary research project: Improving gyn curriculum in residency
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Women's health, Family planning

William A Norcross, MD

  • Primary research project: PACE Program Outcomes
  • Role: Co-Investigator

Willie Novotny, MD

  • Key Words: Latinx health disparities, Border health, Diversity within the workforce, Residency

Zephon Lister, PhD, LMFT

  • Primary research project: RE-LINK Program
  • Role: Co-Investigator
  • Key Words: Integrated Behavioral Health