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UC San Diego has launched a new Physician Wellness website. On this site, UC San Diego physicians have access to resources to enhance their professional wellness and find out about the developing infrastructure for UC San Diego physician wellness.

This website also describes the types of mental health support and resources that are available for individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, thoughts of self-harm, or crisis.

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is responsible for facilitating the recruitment and advancement of faculty and other academic personnel. Services are provided in conjunction with the Academic Resource Center (ARC), a Health Sciences Shared Services.

We specifically provide administrative services for the areas below. Please contact Christian Velasco Ruiz for additional information or action needed.

  • Academic/Faculty Appointments
  • Merit/Promotion/Reappointment Review
  • Recruitment/Retirement
  • Leave Requests (see below)
  • J1/Visa/Permanent Resident Applications
  • Voluntary Faculty Appointments
Key Contacts

Christian Velasco Ruiz
Department of Family Medicine, Academic HR Analyst
(619) 543-8349 

Family Medicine Faculty Compensation

Leave Requests

Faculty Absence Request (up to 14 days)

An absence is defined as one or more days away from the university. UC policy requires faculty to provide advance notice of a work related absences. Please use the form below to submit an absence request for up to 14 days for approval by the Department Chair.

In addition to work related absences, this form can also be used for vacation requests. Vacation absences must also be reported on faculty timesheets.

Absences of 15 or more days, and international travel of any duration, require the submission of an ALAS form. Please contact Christian Ruiz to complete the appropriate ALAS paperwork.

Please include the following in your request message:

  • Absence Start Date
  • Absence End Date
  • Reason for Absence (conference, consulting, field research, CME, vacation, other)