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The Executive Committee (EC) is the governing body that makes final decisions on trainee selection and changes to the Center operations. This committee is chaired by the Center Director (CD) and includes the Senior Associate Center Director (SACD), project Principal Investigators and the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health. Each research project is led by a Principal Investigator (PI), who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the projects. The project PIs supervise the co-investigators and research staff assigned to their respective projects, and have primary responsibility for the research experience of the postdoctoral fellow assigned to them. A training core is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the education and mentorship of the postdoctoral fellows and consists of the Training Program Director (TPD), Primary Mentors (PM), Secondary Mentors and External Consultants. A Shared Resource Core provides common services and includes an administrative assistant and support the units for data management, information technology and biostatistics. Finally, an External Advisory Committee (EAC) reviews and appraises the Center's research and training operations, participant burden, and opportunities for future collaboration with other Centers. The EAC consists of 5 senior investigators who are deemed leaders in basic, clinical and population research, as well as senior investigators who will evaluate the leadership and training programs.

Committee Membership

Executive Committee

Matthew Allison, Center Director
Michael Criqui, Senior Associate Center Director
Bess Marcus, Department Head, Family Medicine and Public Health
Dorothy Sears, Project Principal Investigator
Jacqueline Kerr, Project Principal Investigator
Sheila Castaneda, Project Principal Investigator

Training Core Leadership

Matthew Allison, Training Program Director
Dorothy Sears, Primary Mentor
Jacqueline Kerr, Primary Mentor
Sheila Castaneda, Primary Mentor

Shared Resource Core

Nova Barkley, Administrative Assistant
Loki Natarajan, Biostatistics

Project Investigators

Basic Science Project: Dorothy D. Sears, PhD (PI); Bruce Barshop, MD, PhD (co-investigator); Kang Zhang, MD, PhD (co-investigator); Aaron Chang, PhD (co-investigator); Loki Natarajan, PhD (co-investigator), David Boyle (co-investigator)
Clinical Science Project: Jacqueline Kerr, PhD; Loki Natarajan, PhD; Gregory Talavera, MD
Population Science Project: Sheila Castaneda, PhD