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Faculty Compensation 

The Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) governs compensation for all Health Sciences faculty who have an appointment of 51% or greater, and are in good standing. Under this plan, salary is based on rank and step (base X), Academic Program Unit (APU) or affiliation (X’), and a negotiated Y component where applicable. Combined, these three components comprise the annual salary. In addition, the HSCP, APM 671, APM 025 outline whether outside or non-UC San Diego activities are allowable, and which require advanced approval.

  • For faculty at 51% or greater percent appointment, teaching and clinical activity outside the university are Category 1 activities and must receive prior approval from the Chair and Health Sciences Compliance Advisory Group (CAG). Conducting research outside the university is a Category 1 activity and requires prior approval for all faculty, regardless of percent appointment. Requests for Category 1 activities and annual outside activity reporting is entered into the UC OATS system. Please contact Katie MacFarlane with any questions.

The Faculty Compensation Senior Analyst advises the faculty on all matters relating to the HSCP, salary, funding, and pay as well as coordinates with Academic Resource Center and the Vice Chancellor Office to implement changes as needed. Members of the Division of Family Medicine (DFM) in UC San Diego Primary Care are also subject to the PCFM compensation plan established with the Physician Group. Information on the following topics is provided by the key contacts:

  • Faculty compensation and funding
  • Vacation reporting - Refer to Academic Affairs for reporting
  • Full Time Equivalents (FTE) related information
  • Department contribution policy for FTE faculty
  • Health Sciences Compensation Plan details
  • DFM Mission Based Compensation
  • Outside Activities: Allowability and Reporting

Key Contacts

Katie MacFarlane
Administrative Vice Chair
​(619) 543-5776

Key Policies

Health Sciences Compensation Plan

Conflict of Commitment - APM 671 and APM 025

Health Sciences Compliance Advisory Group (CAG)

Conflict of Interest (COI) - Research Compliance and Integrity