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Program Goals and Curriculum 


  • To provide to our resident physicians the opportunity to obtain the finest possible education in both family medicine and psychiatry, and to be eligible to sit for both specialty board examinations at the conclusion of their training.
  • To provide a longitudinal educational experience that prepares our resident physicians to practice both disciplines of family medicine and psychiatry to the fullest extent that they desire. It is expected that program graduates will be family physicians delivering a broad spectrum of primary care, and they will be psychiatrists, delivering comprehensive psychiatric medical care to those in need of specialty mental health care.
  • To provide learning opportunities that encourage our resident physicians to care for their patients in the context of the patient's family, culture, community and life-way. Cross-cultural practice skills are emphasized.
  • To provide educational settings that encourage the residents' altruism and commitment to caring for medically underserved populations. Specifically, a majority of the out-patient training experience in both family medicine and psychiatry occurs in a clinic that serves the homeless community and the "housed but poor" who have limited, or no other access to health care.
  • To encourage our resident physicians to develop a discipline of lifelong learning and scholarship that is necessary to develop and maintain a broad base of skills.
  • To encourage our resident physicians to initiate or participate in original research that is evolving at the interface between psychiatry and primary care medicine.
  • To encourage our resident physicians to develop their skills as teachers and consultants to colleagues in all specialties of medicine.
  • To encourage our residents, as experts in primary care of the family and in psychiatric medicine, to recognize the need for balance in their own personal and family lives, and to develop the personal skills needed to prevent professional burnout and maintain personal and family health.


2019 combined fm residency program curriculum