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Physician Wellness

How does physicians’ work in the electronic health records influence their well-being?

Physician Well-being and EHR Work Across Specialties

Sponsor: American Medical Association

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Tai-Seale M, Dillon EC, Yang Y, Nordgren R, Steinberg RL, Nauenberg T, et al. Physicians’ Well-Being Linked to In-Basket Messages Generated by Algorithms in Electronic Health Records. Health Affairs, 2019; 38(7): 1073-1078.

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Tai-Seale M, Olson CW, Li J, Chan AS, Morikawa C, Durbin M, et al. Electronic Health Record Logs Indicate That Physicians Split Time Evenly Between Seeing Patients and Desktop Medicine. Health Affairs, 2017; 36(4): 655-662

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