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Divison of Family Medicine Information Technology (DFM/IT)

Policies & Procedures

Technical Help:

  • For most UCSD Healthcare related technical issues, start with a call to 3-HELP (619-543-4357). This includes issues with clinic/hospital hardware and software and systems such as EPIC, IDX, and PCIS.
  • For help with systems maintained by the Division, contact Shuxiang (shuxiang@ucsd.edu, 619-543-8204). This includes the DFM Web Schedule, DFMW Secure, and DFMW Inpat. For scheduling issues, contact your clinic lead.
  • For help with School of Medicine related technical issues (e.g. Groupwise), contact SOMIT (858-534-4089) or visit: http://somit.ucsd.edu.
  • For help with Campus Exchange Email, contact the ACT Help Desk (858-534-1853).
  • For information on how to change a variety of UCSD passwords, check here.
  • You can also search UCSD Blink for technical walk-throughs and answers to a wide variety of technical questions.

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